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Are Ballet Dancer’s Artists or Atheletes?

As dancers we all know the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to make it in the professional ballet world. As a professional dancer, most train five to six days a week a minimum of 4 to 6 hours of rehearsals after class, so we definitely put our bodies through a lot to make sure look amazing on stage. With this being said this poses a popular question, are dancers artists or athletes? I think

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Bad Boy’s of Ballet: A New Era in Men’s Dance or an Artsy Chippendale’s

Whether you have heard them or not, Bad Boy’s of Dance is a driving force in the contemporary ballet world and is showing how daring men can be when it comes to breaking the stereotypes. According to Judith Mackrell of The Gaurdian, she saw less art and more Chippendale’s. Mackrell describes the Bad Boy’s of Dance’s Rock the Ballet performance as “lamer than it’s title” and “less badass than…

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Should Ballet Dancers Intergrate Other Styles of Dance as Well as Ballet?

As aspiring ballet dancers technique is everything. If we aren’t consistently using our turnout or establishing strong a port de bras, we are distracting the audience from the story that we are trying to convey.

Breaking Boundaries: Misty Copeland

Hey I posted my first post to my blog, “Breaking Boundaries: Misty Copeland” If you haven’t sen the video GET TO IT! More post to come this week! xoxo Jerrett

In the new age of ballet the idea of shape, size, and race are consistently changing. I recently read Misty Copeland’s Life in Motionand it really changed my whole perspective of what ballet is, how the industry works, and how to overcome obstacles that you face as a professional dancer. Misty Copeland has broken so many boundaries…

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Shannon Mather Dance Company

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I have had such a busy summer but I am back to make more dance gifs! Send me your favorite and videos and I will hook it up!!! :)

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Barbara Sepulveda
Petit Battement

Sorry I haven’t been posting :(

I have been super busy with finals and I have a performance this weekend! :(

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Jessica Powell
Congratulations to her for getting the NYCDA Nationals Scholarship at the Dallas Regionals! :)